Professional Photography

Head shots, events, business images, location, and product photography…

Photography can illustrate who you are, what you are, and what you do. Well taken professional photographs add depth and personal connection to brochures, websites, and designs.

Shutterbug’s Creations is a professional photographer that works on location with clients to create the perfect images for projects of all types. Photographer Charlotte Hayes has an art degree and incorporates that knowledge into her photography.  She specializes in capturing images that captures the personality of a space, product or individual.

Below is an example of a headshot taken by a client, who was photographed by Shutterbug’s Creations later that day.

The client is a mystery writer, who plans on using these head shots for book covers and promotional materials and wanted a friendly, intelligent look that would appeal to potential readers.

The client’s initial photograph has a very flat, grey tone and heavy shadows on the features due to the angle of the photograph and the natural light present when the image was taken. While the client is smiling in each image, the second one illuminates the smile more, by adding more light to that area and softening the shadows on the rest of the features.

Books, E-Books, Cover Art


Are you one of the growing number of authors interested in self publishing? While one should never judge a book by its cover, it never hurts to give a great first impression – and the right cover and interior design can increase your sales by hundreds or thousands of copies.


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Enhance your well crafted words with an artistically created cover design from The Brand Box. With personalized photography, hand illustration, expert typography, and overall design experience, improve the look of any book, ebook, CD, or DVD.

Not only can we produce great cover art we can make the internal layout look professional and flow beautifully:

We transform your text into a ready-to-distribute ebook, including covers, graphic elements, and final conversion to EPUB (iBook store, Nook, etc), Kindle, or web-ready PDF, as well as preparing the print edition of the document for distribution via LightningSource, CreateSpace or other print vendors.

Event and Promotional Materials

Trade show? Concert? Business Event? Presentation? Let The Brand Box help you stand out.

Whether you’re a rock star, a real estate agent, or a retail wine store, our design services can help you stand out. Posters, invitations, banner ads, rack cards… what do you want to create today?

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Our trade show / sales assistance services include booth design, presentations, and even proposal preparation services, both copywriting and design.

Branding Strategies

Your Brand. Defined. Refined. Expressed. That’s what’s in the box.

Starting a new business? Want to reach new markets? Whether you need a logo, ad design, or a complete branding strategy, The Brand Box can help. We can produce an entire visual marketing concept or can take your vision and make it a reality, letting you have as much or as little involvement as you choose.

We can create a complete brand package in whatever style best reflects your business – whether you need logo design, ads, brochures, signage, postcards or some other design, we’re here to help growing businesses show their true potential and reach their clients.

Brand Box Case Study:

These marketing materials are for a pair of jewelry store that hand creates their own unique designs. We wanted to emphasize the artistic and playful aesthetic of the jewelry they sell.  To do so, we used bold images and asymmetric designs to give the pieces a more artistic and unique look.

The designs successfully conveyed the feel of the jewelry, and was able to maintain a brand identity while having distinction between the two separate stores through the use of color.


Website Design

Websites are how you tell your customers the story of your business – and The Brand Box is a team of excellent story tellers that use image slideshows, easy to navigate menus,  and links to social media sites, among other tools, to narrate your story to clients through easy to use, responsively designed websites.

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The Brand Box is skilled at designing your web presence exactly how you envision it, or creating a website design incorporating already existing visual elements.  We can even create an entire visual brand, including both print design and a coordinated website for a cohesive look right out of the box.


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Whether you are looking for a portfolio website with a dazzling display of images and effects, or a simple, clean text-heavy website to explain your services, The Brand Box can help.

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The Brand Box specializes in customized WordPress installations at affordable prices – we’ve found this offers our customers a great mix of powerful features and ease of updating. Don’t want WordPress? Ask us about our other options!

Advertising and Marketing

The Brand Box produces a wide range of advertisements and marketing material for print and online use.

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Brochures, white papers, banner ads, print ads for all types of markets – if your business needs it, we can create it. We specialize in compelling design that matches our customers’ existing branding choices.

Our client’s goal was to emphasize that her company helps connect together all of her customers’ confusing financial pieces, and she had purchased custom stationary to reflect that. The challenge was creating a design that could use the existing graphic elements of that paper. The client’s initial concept (on the left) didn’t communicate the concept nor did it effectively use the paper.

The Brand Box used the angled financial words to help create a feeling a chaos and confusion, juxtaposed with the block shape of the client’s logo and the straight black words which made those elements of order within the chaos. The contrast of angles with solidity visually demonstrated that financial concepts can be hard to connect and that the client had the stability and expertise to do so.

The client was very pleased that the final brochure used the elements she wanted (the paper and puzzle pieces) and visually conveyed her message.