Advertising and Marketing

The Brand Box produces a wide rangeĀ of advertisements and marketing material for print and online use.

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Brochures, white papers, banner ads, print ads for all types of markets – if your business needs it, we can create it. We specialize in compelling design that matches our customers’ existing branding choices.

Our client’s goal was to emphasize that her company helps connect together all of her customers’ confusing financial pieces, and she had purchased custom stationary to reflect that. The challenge was creating a design that could use the existing graphic elements of that paper. The client’s initial concept (on the left) didn’t communicate the concept nor did it effectively use the paper.

The Brand Box used the angled financial words to help create a feeling a chaos and confusion, juxtaposed with the block shape of the client’s logo and the straight black words which made those elements of order within the chaos. The contrast of angles with solidity visually demonstrated that financial concepts can be hard to connect and that the client had the stability and expertise to do so.

The client was very pleased that the final brochure used the elements she wanted (the paper and puzzle pieces) and visually conveyed her message.