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Your products make an impact – shouldn’t your company’s documents do the same?

The Brand Box is the creative team of Jennifer Soucy and Charlotte Hayes. We specialize in clean, modern design for documents of all types – brochures, reports, postcards, presentations, graphics, and web design. We also provide copywriting services and marketing recommendations – our job is to make your company shine.

Can we improve your business? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your business need a consistent “look” for proposals, brochures and other sales collateral? We can create a complete suite of documents for you and your staff.
  • Do you need a one-off brochure or backdrop for a tradeshow? We can quickly create a new document that matches your existing branding.
  • Do you need a catalog for your products? Not only can we provide layout and design services, we offer a complete package including product photography.
  • Do you have an ebook you need to prepare for publication? We can transform your text into a ready-to-distribute ebook, including covers, graphic elements, and final conversion to epub, mobi (Kindle), or web-ready PDF, as well as preparing the print edition of the document for distribution via LightningSource, CreateSpace or other print vendors.
  • Do you need to illustrate your concepts with custom artwork or photography? Instead of approximating your ideas with stock photos or clip art elements, add a professional flourish to your image with personalized, original art that communicates your unique style.
  • Do you need assistance turning your handwritten or preliminary notes into business plans or other documents? We excel at transforming scattered thoughts into crisp, concise documentation. We also have significant experience in preparing formal RFP packages for corporate and government clients – let us help you win new business!
  • Do you need a complete branding package, including logo, branding guidelines, website, and more? Our specialty is marketing packages that reflect your unique business.

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