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Professional Photography

Head shots, events, business images, location, and product photography…

Photography can illustrate who you are, what you are, and what you do. Well taken professional photographs add depth and personal connection to brochures, websites, and designs.

Shutterbug’s Creations is a professional photographer that works on location with clients to create the perfect images for projects of all types. Photographer Charlotte Hayes has an art degree and incorporates that knowledge into her photography.  She specializes in capturing images that captures the personality of a space, product or individual.

Below is an example of a headshot taken by a client, who was photographed by Shutterbug’s Creations later that day.

The client is a mystery writer, who plans on using these head shots for book covers and promotional materials and wanted a friendly, intelligent look that would appeal to potential readers.

The client’s initial photograph has a very flat, grey tone and heavy shadows on the features due to the angle of the photograph and the natural light present when the image was taken. While the client is smiling in each image, the second one illuminates the smile more, by adding more light to that area and softening the shadows on the rest of the features.